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Naze32 Rev6 "No response from the bootloader"

I am trying to set up my Naze32 Rev6 using clean flight. I was following the instruction on the FT video but when I tried flashing the firmware this error came up "No response from the bootloader programming failed". I have followed multiple videos on line that have you reflash the board while shorting out the bootloader pins but this has been unsuccessful. Any one have any other ideas??


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Windows makes a chime sound when you connect a device.

Does your Mac make a sound when you connect something new via USB?

If so, does it make that sound when you connect your flight controller to the Mac?

If not, you gotta fix that first. Cleanflite isn't gonna see the board until the computer does. I hope the link to the windows driver on the front page of Cleanflite also links to a mac version. If we are lucky there are instructions.
Ok I have a couple other problems now ��! Maybe you can help again! .
1. In cleanflight under the reciver tab you can see the channel map. When you move the throttle stick on the transmitter it moves the throttle bar and the aux 2 bar in clean flight. As far as I can tell the transmitter isn't set up to mix those two channels.
2. I have the "arm" set up to aux 1. When I power everything up and arm the quad some of the motors twitch and won't run.

Thanks for the help!


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Twitchy motors are usually caused by bad solder joints between the motors and the ESC. Some motors have enamel on the motor leads. If you motor leads are stiff wire, you probably have enamel on the wires that is interfering with your connection. If this is the case, burn the enamel off the wire with the soldering iron first. Then tin the wires. Then connect them to the ESCs. If you have allowed enamel to flow onto the ESC pads, remove it. Enamel will cause you all sorts of grief if you leave it on the pads or motor leads.


Faster than a speeding face plant!
Will this still happen if the esc and motor connect with a pre soldered bullet?
It's possible but I wouldn't expect it. That is something odd I haven't seen before.

What is the C rating on your lipo?

EDIT: If you have a C rating >= 25 and if your lipo is charged, that isn't causing the problem.

Do the motors all run evenly with USB support in Cleanflight?
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