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Need help identifying these planes

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me identify these planes. I think one is a de havilland tiger moth. But the other 2 I have no clue. They were given to me in the current state and I'd like to finish them just need to get an idea of what direction i need to go
Bottom one looks like some sort of Fockewulf 190. Second to bottom looks like some sort of monoplane DR1, similar to the Bloody Baron. third from bottom looks like a P-51 Mustang. The top looks like a Tiger Moth as you said.


Master member
The red wing one looks like a bi or triplane because of the interplane strut fittings on the wing, but it's not a DR-1 because they have a full-flying rudder and this one has a little bit of vertical stabilizer. The elevators definitely have that Fokker look though.

The silver-winged plane also has fittings for interplane struts and with the way the wing is swept I would think it's another sport-scale biplane of some sort.

Neither is ringing any bells for me as far as full-scale aircraft are concerned, so they may be RC only designs.