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Need help with RC Kite project

Hey everybody :)

My little girl has a kite project at school, so we figured why not try to build a foamboard RC kite. Now I know what I want to achieve, but I've never tried to scratch build anything before, so I'm hoping I can bounce some ideas off folks here.

What we're aiming for is loosely:
  • Gotta be able to prop hang / fly at a high alpha
  • Needs to knife edge well
  • Needs a ton of rudder authority to spin in the air like a kite
  • Must have enough power to drag a good length tail around
  • Shouldn't catch the tail during spins
My initial thoughts are a twin prop nutball in the shape of a kite, and with a profile centre section running the length of the model, and with a length of piano wire allowing me to attach the streamer at an offset to the main body of the model.

I'm loosely basing the design on a previous flying kite idea, and a twin motor nutball project I've seen:
I've a very rough initial sketch below, but questions I have are:
  • Should I design a dihederal angle into this?
  • Am I going to have enough aileron authority with these two tabs at the rear very close to the centre line?

RC kite.jpg
Ok, ordered some electronics. Decided to base it on Power Pack H from the FT Twin Sparrow. I've a ton of 850-1300mAh 3S packs so lets make this a mini kite :)


On the way are:
  • BrotherHobby Returner R3 1106 5100KV Brushless Motor (2-3S)
  • Little Bee Spring 20A ESC with BLHeli_S, DSHOT (2-4S)
  • Mini 5V BEC 3A
  • Azure 3060 Tri Blade Props (Blue)
  • Emax ES08D II 8.5g Digital Servo


I know nothing!
I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. What you've got is awesome! What you want is a Nutball. Look at my avatar pic, I know nothing! Seriously, though the Nutball is a kite without a string.
Well, I added the bottom piece of the fuselage and it flew... and crashed lol. Had a habit of nose diving into the ground, and although it's controllable I think I need much bigger control surfaces to hover.

Happy enough for my first scratch build. :)

Any suggestions for improvements gratefully received. 20190317_212135.jpg