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Need help with spitfire repair


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I built the spitfire last week using FT's build kit. It went smoothly and I took it out last weekend to fly it! It flew like a dream and it only needed a little bit of trimming. This is my second plane. My first was the storch.
Anyway, while I was flying it, my buddy decides to fly his super fast wing around. We lost sight of each other and he flew right into me chopping off the tail. Luckily the servos and the turtle deck were ok. But now I need to find a way to replace the tail. IMG_0100.JPG IMG_0102.JPG IMG_0106.JPG IMG_0104.JPG IMG_0103.JPG

I was able to get the foam board and build the tail again, but its the last bit of the fuselage that the tail is suppose to attach to that worries me. Any suggestions?
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I say cut the fuselage in front of the servos and build a new piece from there back. Download the plans and measure from where you cut. I made a similar repair to the nose of my buddy's Sonic P39.



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Do you mean that I should cut from behind the servos? Like on the side closer to the tail?
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I had a similar problem with my FT Spitfire:

I made a clean cutout, then cut a new piece of foam to fit. The trick is getting it aligned. I made a snug fitting foam jig and eyeballed it. Still flies great.

This is the rear view of the 'jig' holding the tail in place while I insert the new foam and hot glue. The slot on the bottom is just to look through so I can make sure everything is aligned. I used a straight piece of wood as a reference point.

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- take the two servos out
- take the turtle deck off, you will put it back on later
- cut off the crumpled portion on the nose side of the servos, make a straight vertical cut on both sides.
- print and cut out copies of the sides of the fuse (the plan), and tape to the plane, the mark on the plan the pieces that you are missing.
- cut from DTF the two pieces you are missing and glue back onto the fuse, checking alignment with the taped on plan. Use a strong glue like white gorilla glue, gives you a bit of time to check the alignment, get the alignment perfect.