1. P

    Spitfire canopy article enters the Bermuda triangle

    About seven or eight years ago I posted an article on making a canopy for the Spitfire (easily adapted to other models). It was well received and when I was on flight line duty at Flite Fest in 2015 I met someone who had used the techinque. Mike Robey referred to the article when he posted his...
  2. J

    Plane Pequeña modificacion al Spitfire Mk XVI 1.1

    En este recurso he subido el archivo del Spitfire con un error de diseño corregido. Por favor publiquen los avances de este modelo
  3. Flyingshark

    Building the FT Spitfire

    Over the past week or so, I've been building the FT Spitfire from the plans here on the forum. This is my second FT plane, but my first without an SBK. I'm using the new power pack C, and flitetest brown foam board, since I didn't want to deviate too much from standard before I get better at...
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  5. DDBF9112-3B2A-4B75-A0B1-2444665BECCB.jpeg


    DIY Spitfire canopy
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    DIY Spitfire canopy
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  8. Spitfire 2.0

    Spitfire 2.0

  9. Grifflyer

    Plane Mini Master Series Spitfire 1.1

    When I set out to design the Spitfire, I wanted to try keeping things simple and easy to build for a Master Series plane. I chose to go for a fuselage that has an inner frame that then gets skinned in foam, rather than taking the "mold together" route that Overstreet uses. I put a lot of work...
  10. flitetest

    Plane FT Spitfire Master Series 1.0

    FT Spitfire Master Series Designed By: John Overstreet Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The Master Series Spitfire is a classic warbird that provides as much satisfaction in building it as it does flying it! Utilizing Master Series build techniques and designed by John Overstreet, the build...
  11. Bottom Rear View

    Bottom Rear View

  12. Head On View

    Head On View

  13. Canopy/Fillet View

    Canopy/Fillet View

  14. Right Tail View

    Right Tail View

  15. Right Side View

    Right Side View

  16. Left Side View

    Left Side View

  17. mayan

    Plane SpiTTT (The TIny Trainer with a Spitfire Warbird Twist) Mod 1

    A Tiny Trainer modification that will turn your basic trainer into a warbird. With a small change to the origianal fuselage and a new set of wings, you'll have yourself a SpiTTT. This bird is faster and more slippery in flight and will give you an exprience that you will never forget. I highly...
  18. PlanesGuy888

    FTFC20 Spitfire Mk.I designed by PlanesGuy888

    For the FTFC20 build challenge, I decided that I would like to participate this year with an aircraft of my own. I chose the Spitfire Mk.I because it has always been a favorite of mine and I have always loved the look. This Spitfire is not going to be a normal FT Spitfire though. It has been...
  19. Rasterize

    Skin Rasterize Skins for FT Spitfire "Battle of Britain" 1.1

    The first Flite Test warbird and a fan favorite, the FT Spitfire now has a great fresh look you can build and enjoy! Designed by David Windestål (our favorite Swed!) in 2017, the FT Spitfire is a joy to fly and known for its wonderful flight characteristics. Depicted is a livery that might have...
  20. Grifflyer

    Mighty Mini Master Series Spitfire

    The Supermarine Spitfire is a British single-seat fighter plane that was used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and other Allied countries before, during, and after WWII. The Spitfire was designed as a short-range, high-performance interceptor aircraft. The Spitfire features a unique elliptical wing...