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Need plans for a indoor plane!


Warbird Crazy!
I need help! I've been invited to fly indoors with a club that I'm interested in joining but I don't have anything to fly. I want to build a indoor flyer by this weekend using stuff I got. I have a F pack and B pack that I can use. Just want to see what's out there for plans. Otherwise I'll just build a FT Flyer. Let me Know guy's what you think would work good!
If you have experience flying aircraft i would recommend building a giant ft nut ball. I used a beef pack motor along with a 10inch slow fly prop and the thing is awesome! it fly's easy and you can make it a prop and slot design so you do not break any props. you basically find the center of a sheet of foam board and use a string to make a circle.


Warbird Crazy!
I've been looking at localfiends plans. The mini FT22 might be a little fast and I don't have electronics for a micro build. Anybody build a mini FT Flyer using a F pack?


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Mini Speedster would be a good one on the F pack. The SE5 if you are into biplanes, make sure you use a 6" prop, maybe a 6x3. B pack could be the Old Fogey on a slowfly prop.


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When you say indoor, it depends on the indoor space. I can fly my seaduck in some indoor spaces! I flew indoor once and had the same experience everyone I know did, we hit ceilings. Flying indoor takes practice just like any new type of flying. So think slow for the first time out.

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I forgot about the mini speedster! Looks like that will fit the bill! Anybody fly this one indoors?
The standard old speedster is a SUPER slow plane. Slower than the mini speedster because it has a greater wing area to weight ratio (I think). Probably the old fogey would slow down even more, but I went for the old speedster because I thought it looked cool. B pack on 3s is the PERFECT combo imo. Good luck!