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So I've been flying on and off for a couple years and after crashing my versa wing last year and destroying a battery I haven't built anything new. Im now scratch building a FT Explorer and need help matching motors and props. My plan is to run a Turnigy D3530/14 1100KV outrunner with a 9x6 prop running on a 2200 3s LiPo. Do i need a pusher specific prop or will something like this work? I also need a new frsky compatible receiver and was looking at the X8R from FrSky so i could eventually build in telemetry. Any help would be appreciated


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To answer the question on the prop, an 8x4 is recommended for that motor, a 9x6 will probably overheat the motor or ESC. You do not need a specific pusher prop, all you need to remember is always face the prop numbers facing forward with a standard prop


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Do i need a pusher specific prop
No, you don’t need a pusher prop. The term “pusher prop” is a throwback to the glow engine days. With a glow engine you could not easily reverse the rotation of the engine. With brushless motors, reversing the rotation is as simply switch ing 2 wires. As @jamboree1 said the numbers on the prop always face the direction of travel. Then set the spin of the motor according. If you put the prop on backwards, the numbers facing away from the direction of travel, the thrust will be only half of what it should be.

The prop you suggested will be fine on 3S. The 8x4 prop is recommend for 4S.
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@deutJ, if you haven't built the wing yet, I would recommend putting some kind of reinforcement in the wing. It will most likely fold at the center joint if you don't. A couple BBQ skewers or a carbon arrow shaft work great. Just trying to save you some trouble later!