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help beginner plane

  1. C

    I'm about to build my first RC plane and I'd like to know how big my plane can be for my motor

    Hello! I have a 1000kv motor, 25*35mm big and im not sure about the weight. With the motor i have a 1060 propeller and a 30amp ESC with 3S 2200 mah lipo battery. I would like to know what airplane sizes are available for my setup. I have seen videos with people where people use similar setups...
  2. EndlessAviation

    TaranisQ X7 and Lemon RX

    Greetings, I recently finished my first build! I got the F pack radial (motor, servos, etc) and the lemon RX Dsmp both from the Flite test shop. I then bought a TaranisQ X7 from Amazon off a friend's recommendation. I looked briefly and found no glaring compatibility issues, however, I can not...
  3. G

    Help! esc beeping constantly and doesn't stops

    I've been using RC vehicles for many years now and recently decided to build my own. I purchased an ESC recently when I received it today I tried to use it but it would not stop beeping and the beeping gets worse when you apply the throttle. I know it's not my battery as I've run the same...
  4. C

    Help! My motor bullets are too small for my esc!

    Hello guys as the title says the golden bullets in my motor (1806 ft radial motor) are too small for my esc (30a), I need help! I am currently building my second rc plane the tiny trainer. Can some one link me an esc that could fit this motor, or something I can do about this thanks!
  5. D

    Are there any subtitute matierials to foamboard?

    Hi! I going to make my first rc plane soon. Have been doing a loottt of research. One question... Are there more sustainable materials to create my plane in than foamboard. Anything reusable or compostable or recyclable?
  6. FlyerInStyle

    Tiwn motor trainer

    I have 2 a-pack motors lying around, and while a giant b17 that i am building is lying around waiting for some breakthroughs in connecting the broken pieces, I was told by different club members that I should use those 2 motors to build a stable, 4 channel trainer. It needs to be stable, nto too...
  7. A

    Help! Motor issues

    Hello everyone! I've been watching flite test and have been a fan for almost a year now, I would say. I've learned a ton from them, and was recently inspired enough to buy a power pack (c) and a TX/RX pair. Now, I've been trying for the last few days to get the main rotary motor to spin, but I...
  8. FlyerInStyle

    Help! Need help in designs

    I built a tiny trainer. everything went well, BUT that was until... I discovered that my plane was not turning because my tail was on crooked. the tail half of my plain was all crooked. but I only had a tiny piece of foam left. so the only type of fuselage that could fit on the piece of foam...
  9. Cpl Goertz

    I'm looking to get into 3d

    Hi guys, I have been flying RC planes for a little over a year and want to get into 3d airplanes. I have flown the hobby zone champ, FT freighter, FT sea otter, and FT Commuter. Now I want to step up to a 3D Plane specifically the Eflite Yak 54 3d. I'm not sure if this is good for a beginner 3D...
  10. O

    Help! Beginner Equipment Recommendations

    Hello my name is Rylan and I want to get into the RC hobby! I have had experience with store bought quads but that is about it. I want to build a large scale classic uav type plane but I have to get my foundation down first. I have been binging all the beginner videos on YouTube and have found...
  11. MikeyboyMC

    Solved What if I don't have a laser printer?

    I am new to the hobby, and am really looking forward to finishing my first plane, but I don't have a laser printer to cut my foam. Any suggestions?
  12. W

    I need help with duel motor synchronization

    I am building a plane for the first time and all of my electronics work properly. I have two esc's each with their own 11.7v battery (2200mAh) which are each connected to one motor like usual. I then have the two JR plugs which go into a Y-harness and go into my one single throttle channel port...
  13. N

    Help! How much thrust on my flying wing airplane?

    I bought supplies for my first plane, which is the flying wing design! It is carbon fibre and will weigh 403 grams. The tricky part is the motor i bought supplies only 285 grams of thrust. My aircraft will have just over 400mm squared of wing space not including aerons. Will it fly?
  14. N

    Help! I am making a flying wing design thrust ratio?

    Help! I bought the parts of my first plane off banggood (I wanted to do it myself and design it im sorry but it is carbon fibre ) and my plane weighs 403 grams and has a thrust of 285 grams, will it fly? I realise i was stupid not checking for weight... It is a flying wing design with a wing...
  15. C

    Help! 150 Commuter aileron problems

    This is my first RC aircraft build and all seemed to be going very well until I arrived at doing my final electronics pre-flite inspection. I bought the whole pkg. from FT including power Pkg. etc. Radio is a new Spektrum "8" channel radio. Receiver is a new Spektrum 4 channel. Binding was easy...
  16. D

    Need some help putting together a build

    So I've been flying on and off for a couple years and after crashing my versa wing last year and destroying a battery I haven't built anything new. Im now scratch building a FT Explorer and need help matching motors and props. My plan is to run a Turnigy D3530/14 1100KV outrunner with a 9x6...
  17. Chancey21

    Question on prop size

    Hi FliteTest, I am currently in the process of building and perfecting my FT Simple Cub with Power Pack B. I bought extra three-bladed props for the motor, but the hole is too small. The motor shaft is too big for the props to fit correctly. I cannot use spacers because they worsen the...
  18. RainbowderpHG

    How Do I know if I Can Fly a Rc Airplane With past Experience of Other RCs

    I am Working on a Boeing 757-222 Scale 1/19. And That will be a Huge project for me but before I Even Start to fly it i am going to buy or build cheap small airplanes to get better at Flying. I Have had past Experience with Drones and helicopters and a air hogs Airplane. I Know how to fly, I am...
  19. M

    Electronic Problem with ESC

    Hello Everybody! I just build the FT Delta design and was working on putting the electronics in it. I plugged everything in and turned it on. The ESC did not beep and the motor did not turn on but the receiver was getting power through the ESC and was connecting to the Transmitter. All my...
  20. B

    Help! First Time

    I’m looking into first time scratch building an RC plane for my year 12 systems engineering project. I’m looking for an experienced person who I can send progress updates and designs to, who can help me with feedback and suggestions. Amy help would be much appreciated.