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help beginner plane

  1. Chancey21

    Question on prop size

    Hi FliteTest, I am currently in the process of building and perfecting my FT Simple Cub with Power Pack B. I bought extra three-bladed props for the motor, but the hole is too small. The motor shaft is too big for the props to fit correctly. I cannot use spacers because they worsen the...
  2. RainbowderpHG

    How Do I know if I Can Fly a Rc Airplane With past Experience of Other RCs

    I am Working on a Boeing 757-222 Scale 1/19. And That will be a Huge project for me but before I Even Start to fly it i am going to buy or build cheap small airplanes to get better at Flying. I Have had past Experience with Drones and helicopters and a air hogs Airplane. I Know how to fly, I am...
  3. M

    Electronic Problem with ESC

    Hello Everybody! I just build the FT Delta design and was working on putting the electronics in it. I plugged everything in and turned it on. The ESC did not beep and the motor did not turn on but the receiver was getting power through the ESC and was connecting to the Transmitter. All my...
  4. B

    Help! First Time

    I’m looking into first time scratch building an RC plane for my year 12 systems engineering project. I’m looking for an experienced person who I can send progress updates and designs to, who can help me with feedback and suggestions. Amy help would be much appreciated.
  5. J

    Quad not taking off, Help requested!!!

    Hello. I decided to build a quadcopter for my school personal project and I’ve successfully built a 215mm Quad using the components listed below.....but the problem is the drone won’t lift off even at full throttle. I’ve checked to see if my props are on the right way and my motors are spinning...
  6. B

    Receiver doesn't turn on...?

    To be honest, I have no idea on why this isn't working. I have done all the proper work to bind and everything, yet the receiver doesn't seem to turn on or light on in any way. Currently I'm using an AR610 receiver with the DXe transmitter. Does anybody know why this would happen?
  7. E

    Help! My first RC Wing...

    Hello, I´m planning to build my first RC Plane and wanted to ask you guys for help. I want to build the "Versa Wing" Design from Flite Test with the following parts: Transmitter: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-...___store=en_us Charger...
  8. F

    How are these part for a scratch build?

    I have a hundred dollars in amazon gift cards and have wanted to get into rc planes, I made a list of part and plan to scratch build a towel wing, a simple foam plane or maybe 3d printing a plane. I was wondering how well my current list of part will work and what kind of prop I need. I would...