need support on design!


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First of all you should have the EDF unit in hand for your first design so that you can make sure that it actually fits properly. it is best to build around the EDF rather than to try to shoehorn it in after the plane is built.

Secondly you should have a plane in mind for your design. If not I recommend building one of the offerings you can find on the forum first to get some experience how others have done it. The end of WWII and into the 60s can give quite a selection of simpler for you to render.

Along with the EDF unit you should also have a battery in mind to power it so that you can check balance as you build.

Just a few BASIC considerations for the newbie designer.

Have fun!

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First off I agree with everything @Hai-Lee said, second, I have no idea as I am a relative newb, third and most important Google and YouTube is your friend. People love to share what they know and you can learn tremendous amounts with a good search.


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I'm a noob, too. This is your first post. Because of how great this forum is, I have learned a lot since I started. Have you flown anything yet?