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New Camera test its a XTC200VP3 by midland


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Hi I got a new Camera its a XTC200VP3 by midland
its •720p HD Resolution•140˚ Wide Angle Lens•Weather Resistant

and some more good things with it ,
and it cost $80.00 usa at wallmart , Now I know its no gopro but take a look
and tell me what you think of the Camera in work ,

and it comes with a •900mA Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery too, :)

here is a link of the maker


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What are the dimesions and weight of this camera. For $80.00 this takes pretty decent pictures IMHO.
And it's half the retail price than listed at Midland.


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well over all it is 3 inch long , its 1and a half inch high. and 1 inch wide .
I due not know what the weight is , but in it is like haveing 1 more 1300 3s on bord.

Edit= its lighter then a 1300 3s not buy much but it is .
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Im glad I got it, I do whant a gopro 2 ,but for now this will do ,
We can just call it a poorman GoPo 2 :applause:
But I can not edit the file, its a mp4 so im stuck showing the raw flight ,
Not that I know or do much editing , I just will have to use youtube for my needs on that .


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Yeah- I'm in the same boat.
But it's the same boat you'll be in when you pop for the GoPro- it also records and stores into mp4 format


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So it was cold out and a light rain ,Not much sun at all , No sun shine , clouds lots of clouds
So I put this new Camera test one more time . and a good test it was when i get up in the clouds
it show good, when im low by the tree's you can see theam,
So here it is the overcast test


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well I got out and made my way half way up Rattlesnake MT in Wa,"usa"

It was over cast , but I got to see just how well the XTC200VP3 by midland
would do , and how far it would see.
So here is a 6 min vid the sd card was full so it just stops.Just befor the landing
or flip ....


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well I wiped out my cub today...Its just happen ,lol
Its a 100% loss But the cam and 2200 3s was ok .
The all in one esc is no good now, and the Servos are gone too.
The Gearbox and motor are now junk too :)
no glue and fix this one ......Bad Oagh ........
Here is the vid of how it all whent on.
but I have more ! :) " super cub lp "
I think it looks great for the money. Doesn't blow out and darken everything when the sun is in the picture and seems pretty steady. I used a Contour HD which seems to be about the same size but cost a fair amount more and to be honest I'm not so sure it looks twice to three times as good! Regarding editing, if you're a Windows man, have a look at MS Windows Live Movie Maker (it's free) and see how you go with that.


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good to see a fellow washington-ite on the site! I have a super cub too. I fly down in Vancouver,Wa. Do you have any idea what happened?


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good to see a fellow washington-ite on the site! I have a super cub too. I fly down in Vancouver,Wa. Do you have any idea what happened?
Yes I do, I was trying to inverted "S" loop and I was to low , Just 2feet higher and i would have bean ok :)
Vancouver,Wa is nice I have bean there a few times.

But the cam is OK , its good to go not the super cup :)
and you are right steveOBHave I need to work on my editing .
I will look into this .......


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well The old cub is gone, Here it the 2 flight of the New "XXX cub"
and this video is done useing a XTC200VP3 made from midland Radio
It was a nice day , The Camera Mount has to be moved 1/4 inch " It hits on landing ", I do this after this flight

Ps wallmart has the cam for $80.00 us
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wow , Maybe mine was miss marked . I got it at walmart ,The covington wa store .
Next time Im there i will look and see how much it is.


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wow ,now that I think about it , you might be right .
my wife did make me go shoping with her the day i saw and got it ,,,,,,,, we got a tv too ?
Did she make me go on " Black Friday" . Hmmmm
I should go out shoping with her more :)