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New ESC, no beeps :(

Hello all,

I'm an utter noob with regards to RC so please take everything I type with a grain of salt. Before you ask, I have looked through a couple of other ESC tread problems and they all seem to be a bit of a different falvor then mine.

What I have:

Turnigy Trust 55Amp SBEC
NTM 35-36 1400KV propdrive
2200 mah 25-35C LI-PO
x2 EXI D213f 9-gram metal gear servos
Turnigy 9x firmware v2 TX/RC

Steps I have done:

I have soldered a xt60 connector to the SBEC and charged my battery up. I binded my TX/RX with the bind plug, powered the whole thing up, making sure that the JR connectors are all properly sorted, e.g. CH1=servo CH2=servo and BAT=ESC and the signal sides all facing up (thats the configuration for my RX).


there are no lovely beeps to bless my sense :( but the servos work ok--kinda jittery.


Is my configuration wrong with regard to by ESC/motor/battery choice?
Is my ESC busted?
Did I miss a setting on my TX?




Dedicated foam bender
Do you have the motor connected? The ESC pulses the phases to make sound. It doesn't have a speaker or buzzer itself.
Thanks for responding to me, I've seen you around the forum, seems like you answer a lot of these questions!
Interesting, I didn't know it was the motor that beeped. I did plug in the motor, here's the steps I did (incase the order matters):

1. Plugged the motor into the ESC (color/order of leeds don't matter)
2. Plugged the ESC into the RX (in the slot that's marked BAT)
3. Plugged in the two servos in ch1 and ch2
4. Plugged in the battery into the ESC
5. bound the TX and RX.

6. Pulled out the bind plug and turned off the TX, unplugged the battery from the ESC
7. Turned on the TX and then plugged the battery back into the ESC.
8. No beeps.


Dedicated foam bender
You need the ESC plugged into your throttle channel. It will work as a power source in the battery port but that is all it will do. It will still power everything in the throttle channel also but needs to be connected there to receive throttle signal, probably channel 3, IIRC.