beginner airplane

  1. Belial2801

    Help! Hi, I need help to create my first plane

    sorry if my english is bad but I have some questions, I bought a 1000kv brushless motor kit, 30A ESC and 1045 propellers, I plan to feed it with two 3.7V 2000-2500 mAh batteries, my transmitter and receiver are based on arduino, I would like know what planes could be made to be able to fly with...
  2. M

    Help! Which FT plane do you suggest me ?

    Hey guys, I have a A2212/6t 2200 kv (51gr) cheap xxd chinese motor 30A esc 9gr servos 7/4 props, 6/4 props, 5x45 props 1600 mah 3s 25c lipo battery (100 gr) and 850 mah 3s 25c lipo battery (58 gr) Also Im just a beginner for this hobby. Looking for FT planes but I am not sure which one is good...
  3. H

    Brand new to flying

    Hello all. I'm new to flying and have been watching the flite test YouTube channel for a while now. I am curious as to what would be a good plane to start with. I was browsing the store and thought that this might be a good one to start with. Ehat do you guys think?
  4. B

    Hello I'm an old noobee

    Hi I've ben watching a few Youtube vidoes and looking through the site, great stuff. Now I live in New Zealand so accessing your store will be difficult. What is a really easy scratch build plan to build and easy to fly? Thanks. Bob
  5. P-loco85

    Building Simple Scout - verifying hardware

    Hi guys. I'm new here, was getting into hobby when I was younger around 12years old. Until my brother stepped on my balsa wing and broke it. never touched an rc plane for 20 years. Then my wife got me a drone for Christmas and then I found flite test and I was hooked again. I love building...
  6. T2 OpenProjects

    New Project: Open Source 3D Printed Plane Project

    Intro (Skip if You Want!): I've been a long time lurker on these forums, but I do a fair bit of designing/building/flying of planes, and it has been a long term goal for me to embark on a project specifically for by fixed wing fans and put it up on these forums and become a contributor myself...
  7. C

    New ESC, no beeps :(

    Hello all, I'm an utter noob with regards to RC so please take everything I type with a grain of salt. Before you ask, I have looked through a couple of other ESC tread problems and they all seem to be a bit of a different falvor then mine. What I have: Turnigy Trust 55Amp SBEC NTM 35-36...
  8. A-9

    Perfect first plane

    Hi guys i am pretty new in the rc airplanes. I already have a mini cessna (about the size of the chap but like 20 times faster) but i want a new plane, i was thinking about the bixler. But witch controller or charger should i get? Should i get the rtf or the arf. Should i buy a cheap charger or...