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beginner airplane

  1. C

    New ESC, no beeps :(

    Hello all, I'm an utter noob with regards to RC so please take everything I type with a grain of salt. Before you ask, I have looked through a couple of other ESC tread problems and they all seem to be a bit of a different falvor then mine. What I have: Turnigy Trust 55Amp SBEC NTM 35-36...
  2. A-9

    Perfect first plane

    Hi guys i am pretty new in the rc airplanes. I already have a mini cessna (about the size of the chap but like 20 times faster) but i want a new plane, i was thinking about the bixler. But witch controller or charger should i get? Should i get the rtf or the arf. Should i buy a cheap charger or...