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Product : ToolKitRC 500W M6D Charger
Price : $59.99
Link -

Hi guys. Received this ToolKitRC recently courtesy of Banggood.

I’ve seen the ads of this charger for soooooo many times over 2 months, I’m interested due to it’s Dual Output feature, at $60 the price it’s alright but it’s without PSU built in so I just wait...

Until one day, Banggood gave me a list to choose 2 products for review and this is in the list, I immediately pick one.

Now to keep this review short, I’m not gonna write about the typical charging features but the extra special features that I like! As compared to my old quad output charger

1. Wide input voltage range
- 7-28V. Out at the field? 2S power supply works too! But I recommend using 6S, higher voltage, less amp going through your input wires. And you are converting higher voltage to current, therefore require smaller capacity 6S pack

2. End discharge voltage level
- selectable from 3.7V down to 2.7V

3. Discharge mode
a. Inter – refers to internal discharge using resistors in the charger, turning to heat
b. Recycle mode – hehe this is when you are done flying but still have fully charged batteries, you can pass the power into the powerbank where you used to power the charger at the field. This increases the allowed discharge rate of 3A to max 15A too
* be cautious using this mode as you need to set proper end voltage for the large pack

4. Power Mode
- this turns your charger to become a step up and step down converter, so convenient! So you can use this to break in brushed motor, or power equipment like fan at your flying field, or even test low voltage cut off of your rc system.
Output voltage range – 1.0V to 28V
Output current range – 0.5A to 15A

5. UAVbat Mode
- this mode refers to the Smart Battery of DJI drones.
- supported models are Mavic2, MavicS, Phantom, Inspire
Now you have extra charger for your DJIs that you can power from a wide voltage range. This will require you to customize harness

6. Synchronous Mode
- this is a 500W charger with 15A output per port BUT, with this mode you can combine both output to output 25A to one battery!
*refers to page 26 to know how to use this

7. Manual Voltage Calibration
- refer to page 36. to calibrate the voltage reading with your reliable voltmeter

8. Upgradable firmware with provided USB cable
- I upgraded mine. I highly recommend you to do it! Change log in the .zip
Link here -

9. Color LCD display :cool:

Link to download the extensive instruction manual,

I have also made video review below.

For you, I've also taken it apart to checkout the inside! You will be amazed of the great quality of the board! Now I'm 100% more confident using this charger!

Disclaimer : Some of the links above are affiliate link, while I get a small commission from it, it doesn't cost extra to you. And why not let a portion of profit goes back to the community instead of the reseller?


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