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New FPV Models Spy Hawk and Sky Cruiser


Full Circle
Wow! that is one crazy looking controller. Pretty cool that the video screen is actually on the controller. The spyhawk sort of looks like a small AXN floater...

The Sky Cruiser looks interesting. Never thought of having a plane look like that to get the propeller out of the way from Camera view.
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Hey Gang

I spotted these on Only Flying Machines. I like the look of the Sky Cruiser. I am curious if this system allows video goggles to be connected and external antennas. Options include RTH and Autopilot.

New FPV Models Spy Hawk and Sky Cruiser



i dont kno if u have been keeping up to date with ali at OFM but there is now a OSD and RTH feature that has been added to the spyhawk and i presume will be on the sky cruiser when it is released.. :)
links below if ur interested mate