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New Guy From Columbus, Oh


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New forum member but veteran modeler. Used to build and fly nitro when I lived in NYC, got out when the expense got to be too much. Still have a few of the old birds hanging on the wall. Moved to Cbus 4 years ago and started flying again 2 years ago.

Went to parkflyers because it was easy, cheap, and fun. No AMA membership dues, no flying field restrictions. It's fun.

currently flying:

- Sig Rascal Electric (the now discontinued one before the EP-49). 49" wingspan, 3 channel, speed 400 motor with gearbox, all wood.

- E-flite Gee Bee

- E-Flite Clipped Wing Cub 250 (still assembling).

- older eflite UMX P-51 (BNF) (awaiting repair)

- Hobbyzone Champ (3 channel BNF)

I grew up in aviation with a "flying family" that was involved in formula V air racing. I am into golden age aircraft, mostly between the wars Civilian and trainers, esp biplanes like Wacos, Great Lakes, Travel Air.

Joined the forum because my daughter wants to start flying RC and I wanted to learn more about these foamboard aircraft to keep the expense down.


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Welcome to the forums! :applause:

I'm a huuuge (to quote David W) fan of the golden age aircraft myself. We had an awesome time designing and building a bunch of racers for last years Flite Fest Community Challenge.

If you are looking for a first foam board plane to build that's in the park scale size though, I recommend the Das Little Stick - everyone I know of has had a great success with it, and the build techniques are simple for a good first Father/Daughter Foam Board RC build. Electronics are dirt cheap for it too - just 9 gram servos and a $10 24g motor :)


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thanks for the welcome.

I've built/flown a few "stick" planes before, and they are simple and easy, but the issue I always have with them is their speed as a trainer. I like biplanes as trainers because of the wing loading allows them to fly much much slower before stall.

I'm in the beginning phase of building the SE5 from printed FT plans. I figure at 3 channels it shouldn't be overwhelming, it's the right size for the park we fly at, and it looks like a real airplane which is somewhat important to her. but we will see.