New High School Club


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Hi all,
I am planning on starting a club with my friend in my high school. We recently went to an activity fair for rising 8th graders who will be seniors next year, and got roughly 15 people who wrote their names down. (We put two planes on display and let them move the control surfaces around) Although 15 people wrote their name down, I would guess about half of them show up to the first meeting, which would be early next school year. Anyways, if anyone has any advice on starting a club like this or any useful tips, I would highly appreciate them. To save money, we are planning on making only a couple of power pods, that they would be able to strap to a design from this website, or their own design.


im in an rc club, we use face book to plan events, you need a way to inform people of when the weather looks rite to fly quickly. if people have a plane their hooked, get them to tell their friends. - jack