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New HK PNP micro-quad


HK has a new micro-quad copter that is plug and play for $100. To this point, I have forced myself to not want a multi-rotor, mostly because I am intimidated by the programming involved and they just aren't pretty.
But, this may suck me in: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/...grated_PCB_Plug_and_Play_Micro_Quad_PNP_.html

$100 is not bad for 4 motors and the programmable board, in my opinion. Its still not pretty, though. What do you experienced multi-rotor guys think about this?

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
That little ladybird flies well I have seen it loop and roll......too small for my liking as my eyes are not what they were so i reckon orientation may be a problem for me but for indoor/gym type fun i reckon its a winner