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New movie Footage of Amelia Earhart found


Wake up! Time to fly!
Was just watching the news this evening and saw a neat bit of Air history. There was a guy that was famous in the area not far from where I am now that had a movie camera back in the 20's. He was known for that camera and had tons of interesting stuff. One piece which was done somewhere in Livonia New York.

Some guy had bought some of the films at auction years and years ago and did not really know what he had. Recently they came across it and after looking into things found that Amelia Earhart was on one of the reels. The local news station is looking for people who may be able to identify people in the video or the area it was shot in or any information regard that clip.

I think its just a neat thing to see and be able to see it as it is getting released to the public for the first time.

Here is the blurb posted with the video and a link to the video if anyone is interested. Evidently the guy who took these films was more important then the new segment portrayed going by this write up.

Quote from video information:

Harold W. Trott was a town doctor during the early 20th century in Hemlock, NY a hamlet of Livonia, NY. He was a service medic in WWI, an author, a magazine publisher, a pilot and an aviation aficionado owning an airport in Hemlock where the first helicopter landed in 1931. He was one of the owners of Amelia Earhart’s “Avian” aircraft.

The images include Dr. Trott’s plane “Silver Wing” at his airport in Hemlock, NY; images of Amelia Earhart at the opening of Woodward Airport in Leroy, NY and Charles Lindbergh at Sikorsky Airport Bridgeport, CT where he kept his “Spirit of St. Louis”. The films also reveal western New York regional culture with Trott’s wife dancing with their dog, a man playing a musical instrument, river waters, early 20th century clothing, industrial transportation and the scenery of rolling hills and rolled-over cars.

Please help us identify anyone or anything in these home movies by leaving messages in the comments below.
Visit www.rocarchive.org to make a donation to preserve these films.