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New Podcast 9.3.21

Phin G

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Awesome, great timing we are currently driving back to our house after a nice holiday ( the campsite had a flight field!) ill listen to it after I finish listening to one of the ft podcasts, looking forward to it.

Edit: amazing podcast i am only 17 mins in but it is great that the podcasts are back up again. And josh; you are not broken! (And i too would run if a person said phin i love you lets be best friends)
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It is amazing to see this side of Josh.

edit: Josh - those of us that 3D print, know that bad prints happen. Very unlikely that anyone who knows anything about 3D printing would think that 1 bad benchy means anything at all.
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So glad that you guys have brought back this podcast. I am going to save future podcasts to listen to in the car on my drive to my club airfield.


Wake up! Time to fly!
When do you want to be a guest on the podcast?
When ever you want to make it happen. Depends on topics I suppose how prepared I would be to help in any real way other then being grouchy and frustrated hehe. Send me a pm how to contact you and we can work out a call to see what you want done.

I didn't mean that I fall asleep listening to podcasts but if I sit still too long not doing things I drift off into my own head and zone out. Where a video podcast you get to see the guests interacting specially if they are at the same table like Stefan used to do. Those were the perfect format IMHO and the sound could easily be recorded and edited into a usable talk style podcast as well so you get the best of both worlds as well as more listeners / viewers.
This is great! I just finished listening to this episode. Once I start building or painting a new plane, I know what I'm gonna listen to!

One question: what happened to Alex? The last time I saw him was in March (I might be wrong on that), so I was just curious. Thanks!