Podcast is Back!!!! (again...)

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Lee Kachner


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After taking a little break from the podcast, the guys have regrouped and rethought the approach to capturing the podcast in order to share more about who they are and what they do. Join in as we embark on this new adventure with the new format!
Episode #250

If you have any ideas of topics you would like for us to discuss, contact us through the support link.
I checked and i only see up to podcast 247 on spotify, did they stop putting podcasts on spotify?


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Cool I seen on the website that the are doing podcast so I tried to find an app to listen to them but Deezer and Libsyn I can't find it. I then seen this and did find them and I also seen that it only goes to Episode #246 Is there an App that I should be using or is there any update on the Spotify as that would be cool to listen to it there.

Thanks @FTCA Director


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Since starting The Edgewater Project YouTube channel, and having the podcasts there, will the FTCA podcasts be only on TEP, or will there be podcasts on FTCA as well, or...?
With only 40-ish subs on TEP, and over 10K on FTCA, it seems that very few are aware of TEP.
Trying to understand why the change was made.