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New to FliteTest

Getting into RC flying, been working with an instructor at the local flying field for a few weeks now. Flying club trainers that are 4 channel .40 and .60 glow powered.

The FT planes really got my attention. Love the concept of inexpensive, great flying planes that are easily built. I'm trying to decide between the Simple Cub and the Simple Scout. Leaning towards the Scout but can anyone comment as to which would be best choice given my limited flying experience.


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The Scout is a great plane, both for learning the FT assembly techniques and as a terrific flying plane. I grabbed the Scout Speed-Build Kit from a Hobbytown in Utah, mostly on a whim (and because I like supporting local shops when I can). It's quickly becoming one of my favorite planes, as it's easy flying, but capable of more complicated moves. I typically get 5 minute flights easily out of the 1300 mAh battery. Here's a video from one of my recent flights with it:


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Welcome! I’d definitely go for the scout. It’s a really fun relaxing and capable plane. I have the cub, but it is definitely quite a bit harder to fly. Since you are relatively new to flying, you’d probably be better off with the scout. It sounds like you can fly pretty well by now, so maybe you’d be just fine with the cub. The cub with a ton of throws is pretty sporty and fun to fly, but it can be a handful. If you get it, don’t use a b pack. Get the c pack. I’ve tried to fly it off the b pack but very limited success. C pack is lots of fun. With the scout either one is fun. The scout flys inverted better and is a lot better at taking off and landing. I personally think the scout is a better plane, but that being said, I really like my cub. It’s just that it is a more advanced flyer and I really don’t see why ft markets it as a beginner plane... both are fun planes! Good luck and let us know what you choose! I’ll attach a pic of my scout.



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Welcome and glad to see you learning. Going with a FT plane I would vote for the scout. I had a scout and a cub with a lot of time on them, The cub will get away from you on the ground / take offs. I fly off grass and use 3 inch wheels. With the scout keep up elevator and some right rubber till it gets rolling and it will stay straight. Slowly throttle up. I liked the scout so much I cut the cub up to get parts to made number 2 scout,


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I'm seriously considering enlarging the Scout plans, and making a big Scout. Give it a 1.5X enlargement, and the wingspan goes to 56.25" - still not too big to transport easily, but I'd bet it'd have impressive flying characteristics, and definite presence in the air.