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New to foam


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Yes, foam planes are far easier to build and much tougher than balsa. A foam board plane will survive a crash that would have destroyed a balsa plane.

BALSA stants for: basically a less strong airplane


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Just discovering foam planes and Flitetest - amazing!
I asked for Santa to bring me a new supplies to bbuild foamies... it's gonna be an amazing year!
- James
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Welcome to the forums. What kind of plane are you looking to build first? Have you been flying before?


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If your foam planes are stronger than your balsa planes, you suck at building with balsa :p

Both materials are great for different reasons. Foam because it's cheap and makes rapid prototyping insanely easy, and has less of a learning curve when building with it; but balsa planes are nice because from my experiences they tend to be more hard wearing and fly more consistently. Plus building scale from my experiences has always been easier with balsa than foam.