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New to the hobby, Wanted to say hello!

Hello everyone!

New to the hobby, somewhat, and just wanted to say thanks for the wealth of info on this site. Haven't really looked yet but the reason I am here is because I want to get into building the swappable planes and thought it was a huge pain to try and stick to the electronics that the guides recommend (USA). Hobby king is such a pain to order from for beginners IMO. Well thanks everyone!


Welcome to the forum! You have found one of the most complete resources for RC flying and building your own aircraft. I joined 6 weeks ago give or take and I didnt know a ESC from a outrunner, Now I at least know what a ESC is :) Seriously, great group of knowledgeable friendly people here.

I'm in the same boat. New to the hobby and I've been watching Flitetest for a while now and I'm getting ready to order my first gear. Just trying to get a starter radio and receiver is confusing, especially with Hobbyking. Now as I'm looking around and pricing basic radios for the swappables I'm hard pressed to find anything under $80 plus shipping. Is there such an animal as a $60 starter radio?

I'd love to see an episode on inexpensive/starter/first radios and receivers. Like Josh said before "I'm cheap".
So after much searching and internal debate I pulled the trigger and ordered a OrangeRx T-SIX. It is more radio than I originally wanted but the more I thought about what I eventually wanted to be able to fly I realized I should just put more money into my 'starter' radio. I'm still a little confused about what types of receivers it is compatible with beyond the obvious OrangeRx DSM2.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
It's only compatible with DSM2 rx's. Either Orange RX's or Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX rx's, (DSMX's will revert back to DSM2) and even JR DSM2 rx's. Due to the cost though, you're probably going to end up with only the Orange RX's unless you find a deal in a classified section somewhere.