Newbie saying hi, looking for advice on starting with foam.


I`ve been r/c flying for about 25 years but only been building from kits and plans for about 5 of those, i`m looking to try scratch building using foam now. I`m only interested in scale aircraft and the possibilities of producing some of the lesser known WW2 aircraft is an exciting prospect and i`m particularly interested in the very under modelled Japanese aircraft. There is so much contained within this forum can someone point me in the direction of scaling up and producing your own model from 3d plans or pictures. I have no idea how to go about this and what programs are down loadable to my laptop to help produce a set of plans? Do some of you just `wing it` when producing formers etc, any advice from those who have made presentable scale fliers would be very welcome...........Martin

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Okay, here are my two cents. Some articles are out there, but I haven't found them too helpful. Your best bet is to deconstruct other people's work.
Buy a couple or so of the C packs unless you already have motors and ESCs of this size. Then build at least one cut and fold plane. After that, make as many of the "Master Series" as needed to get the concepts down. Each one focus on deconstructing the thought process.