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Next step from Bixler


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First post on Flight Test, I have had a Bixler for a while and am thinking of moving on to another aircraft, what do you think is a good aircraft for the next step?


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That depends a lot on what you are after... If you want to get into FPV, a good idea would be an FPV starter system. If you want to get into scale planes like warbirds and such, you could get your first warbird. If you want to get into acrobatic or pattern flying, a plane of that type will be good (as long as it's durable). If you're into multicopters you could get a small quad to learn on. It all depends on where you want to go.

- acrobatic flying
- flying wings
- gliders
- scale models
- multicopters


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Thanks for your reply, I think my next step is acrobatic flying not 3d more like real world aircraft in an air show, no weird maneuvers that a real aircraft cant do, just to learn real world aerobatics to show off an aircraft.

So with that in mind what do you think is the next step from a bixler? for a pilot that can fly and land Bixler 10 out of 10 times in one piece?

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You know, these days there really isn't much the real airplanes can't do. It blows my mind to watch guys like Kirby Chambliss. Here, watch the tumbling.



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Sounds like what you are after is a mid or a low wing trainer.
There's lots of them out there.
Are you after scale?
Do you want retracts?

The Park Zone Corsair isn't considered considered a trainer but it easy to fly and capable of scale flight.
The newer version is upgradable to retracts and and flaps.

When you catch these guys on sale they make a decent 2nd plane/aileron trainer.
I don't have one myself but a friend of mine uses them to train his kids and other newer pilots.

What kind of radio do you have and what are you after


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Of the planes I've come across, the Art-Tech Decathlon is the best aerobatic trainer I've seen. It's high wing, but has a respectable roll rate, while still being very stable on dead stick landings. Here's a link to the plane: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=10323&aff=516279.

It does need a couple of mods, but these are well documented on RC Groups. As well as flying really nicely, it looks stunning and is very tough.