North American FPV meet August 22-24, 2014 Ontario, Canada


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Team Basement-RC is working with Fatshark, ImmersionRC, AirVid and other sponsors to bring you this season’s premiere FPV weekend! This year will include lots of flying, BIG PRIZES and Entertainment, as well as both Multi and Fixed wing race events!
We are in the process of picking the final site from several in the Blue Mountains/Collingwood, Ontario area.

The facility will provide campers and pilots with lots of amenities, including washrooms and electricity, and an area for evening entertainment. At the base of Blue Mountains, Collingwood is a scenic resort town, with lots of stuff to see and do, including Wasaga Beach, in case you want to bring the family along!

Race Events:
Saturday’s schedule will include 3 races for awesome prizes:
• 250 Class Multi – Speed Circuit Race
• 250 Class Multi – Obstacle Course
• Fixed Wing – Speed Circuit Race

Camping and Pilot Registration:
Use this link to register for the event:

3 Day Camper Registration $30 Includes Dinner on Saturday night
3 Day Pilot Registration $10 Includes entry into all races, for those interested

Meet location confirmed:

879 Sixth St, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Y9
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I went and visited this event last year. It was truly a blast. I am hoping to be able to attend this year again, but this time with something to fly :)


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Hobby King just confirmed Sponsorship for the event. Going to be a lot of really nice prizes handed out this year.


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New Sponsors And Pilot registration growing.

More sponsors confirmed for the event. See list below.

FatShark, Immersion RC, HobbyKing, Readymade RC, Team Black Sheep, Dragon Link, Eagle Tree, Air Vid, Rotor Geeks, 2 Vision Air, Canada Drones, Pats Mini H Quad, Run Cam

The poster needs to be updated.


It was awesome to see the Team Basement RC wing used in the latest episode talking about OSDs.
I'm really getting pumped about this event. It can't come fast enough.


WOW!!! what an amazing weekend. So many awesome people and sensational memories. I'll post some photos later. but here is the video i took. (my first time flying fpv on a plane) There are 2 brown pants moments in the video. where someone turned on their transmitter on my channel... I've gotta say if you haven't flown FPV yet this is the biggest rush you'll have!!!


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Did you get to see the huge Kraken?!!! I want to see more of that thing. What motors did they use? Looks like they used 3 and it still wasn't enough to get it in the air.


Yeah mate. i got tons of photos. its a 200% kracken ;)
My guess was it was too under powered, and they didnt put in any reflex, so they had to hold full up elevator and it still was going down. I think the guy who made it is going to put an article together for here. That plane was truly massive