Northern Illinois 2015 FPV Racing Season


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Hey Everyone,
If your in Northern Illinois or surrounding area and are into FPV, Mini-quads, racing or any combination of the three then this may be of interest to you. The SkyKnights of Lake County will be initiating a Monthly FPV Racing Series.

Next race is this Saturday May 30th.

We are not strict as to what you fly, Any size quad is welcome. You can even try your luck with planes if you want!

The course will be constructed of some swooper flags for air gates, and we will use a few natural areas of our field as well such as trees.

Race day is the last Saturday of the month and will be pushed to sunday if it rains. 10am to 2pm racing with practice starting at 9:00. Open fun flying will be after the 10-2 racing slot.

AMA is required as this is a private AMA registered field.

$10 landing fee includes Pilot Lunch of a hot dog, bag of chips, and a pop, and helps us support the field.

Short race course timed events open classes. Fly what you have, have fun, with no restrictions on equipment used. for field info.

If your interested send me a PM for more details.

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