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Not another Super Cub!!!!

I decided on a simple 'high contrast' paint job.
At 7.5oz all up and with 1.6 sqft of wing area it is no speed merchant! It has plenty of thrust from the slow revving 7x4 prop but runs out of aileron power to hold against the motor torque at really slow speeds.

On such a light plane this is always likely to be an issue but increasing the wing nose radius a bit should improve the airflow at high angles of attack so maintaining better aileron control.
I actually managed to achieve a complete take off/landing sequence on my rather rough grass field this afternoon.
Note how long the grass is compared to the diameter of the wheels.

Pity the STOL build comp is over! ;)
You may notice the motor sounds completely different between the two vdeos almost as if it was now running with a gear box.
In fact as I feared the front bearing on the motor had failed. The first time this has happened in 5 years!
The motor cut out of the fuselage.
This is the penalty for using a 'super light weight built everything in' type construction. :(
It looks brutal but it does give me the opportunity to build in some down thrust!
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You are the master of depron bowdown.gif That is a sweet build. In spite of the Cub's apparent foibles, I still like them. Are there better planes, you bet, but there's just something about a cub. I might have an opportunity to buy a share of a full scale Cub. Something like a Kit Fox is probably a better choice, but I still like the Cubs. My dad had some hours in a Super Cub, and in spite of its strong desire to ground loop, he still really liked it.

A Kitfox with an owner that clearly has much larger stones than brains!

Not to hijack the thread, but it's just a cool video! Right before he gets off the slope, you can see a rather large rock looming on the horizon! I don't think that would have made for a successful take off if he hit it:eek:;)

Almost any bush plane is cool, in my estimation, and a Cub is the quintessential small bush plane.
With the front bearing replaced and the motor tested it can be rebuilt into the fuselage with a new slightly larger diameter motor tube.
With the planking replaced , the nose block rebuilt and a bit of paint you can't even see the join!

Unfortunately this is as far as it got - first test with it all complete the ESC failed!
The motor tries to start but almost immediately cuts out (in fact without the prop it will sometimes run).

Being a very cheap 10A job I am not entirely surprised so a new slightly better 12A is on order but it will require some further surgery (probably on the underside) to fit.

In the meantime I can start thinking about what to build next!