Okie getting back into Rc


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Howdy from Oklahoma! I’ve been a rc pilot since the early 90s, got married, had a perfect daughter, got into S.P.A.D.s (simple plastic airplane designs, coroplast plastic airplanes) and then dropped off the radar! I’m an aircraft electrician on Airforce 8-engine bombers and I’m always working so that partially accounts for my break from the hobby. I just got the bug to get some older planes back up to speed and last night I received my FT Mini F-22! I have ideas too! I would like to build a 4-edf B-52 (50-60 inch span) out of foamboard, a Fred Reese Buttercup (135%) from FT foamboard (there is a YT video of me “Spadman” playing catch with a blucore version!) and many other fun designs too! Let’s go have some fun again before it’s illegal!! Hahaha!


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Welcome to the forums!
I got a couple blu-cor planes from a yard sale which I have fixed up and flown. They're fun little park flyers.

Got a link to that video? I tried searching Spadman and got a lot of nonsense.


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Well, the new F-22 kit should be going together tomorrow night! Tonight was spent cutting tabs, freeing parts and making templates so I can make more f-22s after the laser cut one gets built and flown. I have a 55mm edf and some carbon arrow shafts that will make the next one a hand full! Maybe I should start cutting Buttercup parts as well for the winter!!!


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Thank ya! The F-22 didn’t go well and ended up a bit porky but I’m building another with the F motor and less…deviations! Skewer leading edges, huge battery and rates way too high caused the first one to get smacked around before I could really get much flight time with it. Smaller battery mAh, more power and lighter weight will make this bird come alive!! More practice after a long time away from flying wouldn’t hurt much either!


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I'd say welcome to the forums, but just realised you first posted half a year ago. Did you make any other models after beating up the F-22? :)