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Old Fogey in color


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I am fairly new to this. I have only built 2 planes so far. I built the FT Flyer as a trainer for my 9 year old son, and then immediately set to work on the Old Fogey for myself. I have completed the OF, except for the control surface linkages since my servos have not come in yet. What I am excited about though, is I built both of them with the Neon color foam board from Wal-mart. The Yellow, Pink and Orange are ok, but you can't use the green, (at least not very well). The three have white paper on one side, and neon, on the other. The green has it's color as what seems to be some spray on type coloring, so it doesn't work so well. 0701131958.jpg 0701131958a.jpg 0701131959.jpg 0701131959a.jpg

Here are some photos of my nearly completed OF. I hope this inspires others to make more colors!



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I was looking at that board, if I remember is was a lot less ridgid than the Adam's board? Does the airframe still feel solid (well as solid as foam board is?)


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Wow. you can see that one for miles!

good to know about that foam . . . might have to give a sheet a try . . .