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OS .46 IsoSmooth mount

I have not flown RC aircraft in several years. I started with a Nexstar Select 46 but didn't have a good place to fly anymore so I just stopped flying for several years. I decided I would like to get back into it so today I went out to see if I could get it going again. The carburetor was stuck but I got that moving again. I had to remove the engine from the mount to do so. It's an OS .46 and it is mounted on the IsoSmooth mount. When I removed it the little rubber isolators just crumbled. I have not been able to locate replacements online. Can I mount the engine just using straps without the rubber isolators or would that be a bad idea?


G'day Mate
Every single glow powered model I've ever had is hard mounted, form Cox .049 to ASP 120 four stroke.
I've been to many large clubs and most glow engines are hard mounted.
Thanks for the replies. I did get the engine mounted today just using the straps. I don't think my batteries are any good so I need to order a new transmitter and receiver battery. I want to see if the engine will still run. I guess it should. It was fine when I put it up years ago.