PSM Mini Drake build


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I bought this kit several years ago with the sole intention of flying it off of snow. This winter I am determined to get it built before the snow melts!


Power system will be a Racestar 1306 3100kv outrunner on a Hornet 6 amp ESC. I have a pair of Emax ES9251 servos and a Radiomaster R84 receiver for control.
I resized and tweaked Sponz's FT Radial to work as a mount for the 1306 motor.


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First part to build is the motor pod. All the pieces interlock very well.


The outside sheeting pieces lap at each corner which makes it easy to make sure everything stays square.

The stock design has the motor surrounded by the sheeting with a shaped balsa piece at the front. Because I am using the 3D-printed radial mount, I cut everything back flush with the firewall. Now it will just be a matter of screwing the mount to the firewall using some #2 screws.
The last step was to add the balsa pylon. As you can see, there is a small tip on it that will also need to be trimmed. This piece also has a line etched along the aft edge defining a curved shape. I believe you are supposed to sand this part back to that line, but I am leaving it straight for simplicity.



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Another 2 hours had the fuse framed up. Nothing too exotic here. The bulkheads slot into the fuse sides, then 1/32" balsa sheeting is applied to the top and bottom.


The nose block is made up of multiple layers of 1/4" balsa, then carved to shape.



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With the fuse wrapped up, the last bits to build were the sponsons. These are a basic frame skinned with 1/16" balsa. The bottom piece had the grain running lengthwise which gave me some fits, but in the end, they turned out fine.


Now all the components are built. I have a little sanding to finish up but it's basically ready to cover.