Outrageous Aircraft


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Show idea that I would love to see:
Competition: Who can make the most outrageous flying machine that successfully flies?

Points could be awarded for:
Style - Completely subjective, but you Flitetest guys are all about style. You've got this idea nailed.
Asymmetry - Our aircraft almost always have lateral symmetry. [BORING!] The more asymmetrical and unconventional the better.
Gimmickiness - All the old James Bond villains had a gimmick of some sort. "The Blender" was a gimmick. [Awesome!] The Flying Toaster was a gimmick. [Delicious!] The more gimmicky the better.

These aircraft should fly a pattern around the field and land or whatever rules you guys think are best. In my book the winning aircraft will likely be the one that almost doesn't fly.

What do you think?


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I think that there hasn't been a contest on the forums in a long time. Last one was a "Holiday Contest" last year around this time.

I think we need a contest again. (Something that has nothing to do with Flite Test in any way except that it was organized by Flite Test Forum users.)

Last year the Chad said "NO" to having prizes that some people where willing to give out. Chad doesn't work for Flite Test any more.... hrmmmm.....


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This could totally be fun, but I think the only flying task should be that it has to show sustained flight (only because I have a winning idea that doesn't involve a radio :D ). Bring on variable geometry!