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  1. "Corpse"

    Other Hobbies? (I do airsoft)

    What hobbies do all ya'll have other than flying planes, quads and helicopters? I love airsoft and just finished hydro dipping my airsoft M-61 sniper rifle. It looks sick! If any of you are near Washington, we should set up a game sometime!
  2. ScratchBuildMast

    Video games and other things to pass the time!

    This thread is about all your favorite pastime when you can’t fly or build... I like to play video games and design lightsabers and crap like that.
  3. fluffpilot

    Newbie, because everyone at the field said POST THAT TO FLITE TEST so here I am

    Hi! I was out of the hobby for like 24 years, but I'm a youtube junkie and routinely fall down aircraft related YT holes and wound up looking up a local club and getting back into it after spending two weeks watching videos and re-acquainting myself with how it's done. Anyway hi! I'm getting...
  4. Pigfarm1403

    The application of elephants toothpaste as weapon for FT combat

    So recently I have finished making a c-130ish style airplane for flite fest. I know by the time that Flite Fest Ohio comes around I will be willing to put it up in combat, the planes name is esCARGO for future reference. For now though I want to test a potential weapon that I could use that is...
  5. G

    Scenic Nature FPV Freestyle

    This is a video from 2 days since the first day the footage was quite bad due to vibrations. At the end is a small clip from the first day. I hope you like the video! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgSKgX4zbHo&t0
  6. M


    Just been watching some of the old Flight Test shows and the combination of Josh Bixler and Josh Scott. They were hysterical together during the teacher-student episodes. I wonder if they could adopt this idea below: Well we all know who the Wright Brothers were, so why not have a fun video...
  7. CarboardKings

    Some of our scratch collection

    These are inspired by my childhood love of flight and passing it on to my son. Here are some of our designs. Hope you like them.
  8. Austeyr

    G'day Mates From Adelaide South Australia

    Hi guy's Im Austeyr The Aussie. Im pretty new to RC Planes, main reason being is when i was a kid it would have cost an arm and a leg for a 2 channel 20$ plane like now days. I've always loved RC Planes and Boats Something about them has always spoken to me their price tag always spoke to my...
  9. B

    INTERNATIONAL DRONE DAY 2, Brighton UK 7th may

    May 7th at Longhill school (BN27FR) and May 8th for racing There will be displays / talks / swap / car boot and for those that *need to fly* there will be an indoor NEON LIT course you can fly on a First Come First Served (deli-counter ticket system) (need to be able to set raceband on your...
  10. HilldaFlyer

    Mini FliteFest New England April 2016 Edition

    April 9, 2016 - Holden MA In eager anticipation of flying weather, a pack of FT fans gathered to Fun Fly and Combat. The best part was the great time and smiles. I took a few photos - Ken probably took 100’s of photos. I’m hoping he can share the best of the lot. Thanks to all the...
  11. R

    RC Plane Fun - An intuitive site to help RC Pilots!

    Come check out the new site, RC plane Fun! Here you can learn all about RC aircraft, airplanes, helicopters, and quadcopters! This is a great site for beginners just getting into the hobby and want to know "what next" and "how to!" There is also a weekly blog for new tips, tricks, and...
  12. B

    Combat Falcon

    While I'm printing out my new quad design, I found myself with some time. SO, with that time I decided to watch a bunch of flite test videos haha and build a combat plane. Modeled it after a Peregrine Falcon. Illustrator scale plans soon! Check it out!
  13. Andre

    Time for a proper work bench

    For the past 3 years I've been using a folding table as my "bench". That is about to change. There was nothing really wrong with the folding table I just wanted something taller to allow me to stand while I work and also something to use for my video shoots. For the last couple months I've...
  14. Croom

    Some Fun off the Field - California Biking Time Lapse

    Something I did over the weekend. Practicing editing. Almost as fun as RC!
  15. 1

    QAV Flips and Rolls and Fun

    This is me messing around my house having some fun hope you enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyTmYvm2mso
  16. D

    DJI Phantom 3 Maiden Flight!

  17. M

    First Quadcopter Build, Too much thrust??

    Hi im planning to build my first quadcopter, i have no experience with these. However, i have read multiple articles and etc. so i feel like i have the basics covered, i also have experience with electrics and programming. My plan: I want to build my frame from wood, just like the flitetest...
  18. flyingdreamz

    Middle Georgia State College Aeronautics Club 2nd Annual Fun Fly

    Middle Georgia State College's Aeronautics Club will have there 2nd Annual Fun Fly April 10th and 11th. Think of this as a pre-SEFF warm up, we will have FPV racing, limbo, streamer combat and Night bowling going on though out the day and night. To fly cost 5 dollars, which goes toward our...
  19. T

    kinda worked...

    So after my giant fail with the f22 I build, I wanted to take a step back... So I chose the nutball since it's one of the most easy to build and fly planes out there. The build was easy but very frustrating because the shape is round everywhere and I had a hard time making everything perfectly...
  20. Snarls

    rctestflight flying sled

    I'm home from college for the weekend and here in Massachusetts there is over 3 feet of snow on the ground and more than 4 in some areas. Instead of risking a white foam board FT plane or my quad at a field, I decided to build something to navigate the snowy jungle of my neighborhood. I had seen...