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Parasite challenge


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Sadly the laws of scaling and aerodynamics would be working against you.

I think it was the Akron that the US used as a development test bed for the idea of a flying aircraft carrier and whilst there was a modicum of success the whole project was soon abandoned as fighter aircraft developed. problems of getting the aircraft carrier to fly faster than the stall speed of the fighters became apparent.

Another consideration was the danger of collision due to the venturi effect of the airship surface and the fighters wings causing effectively a suction force which made control for the fighter difficult in close proximity to the airship. This along with the simple fact that each time a fighter was launched the carriers own lift needed to be reduced by the weight of the launched fighter and conversely the carrier had to eject ballast or increase lift gas when the fighter was recovered. This need to adjust lift on the part of the carrier effectively reduced its operational time on station.

It was not the susceptibility to be shot down that ended the airship program it was its usefulness and reliability in a combat situation. It was not long after the immediate needs of WWII that the problem was better dealt with with the use of air to air refuelling.

Anyone who wants to emulate the Akron and the experiments I applaud their ambition. It is not impossible but it will be extremely difficult in scale!

Have fun!


Slow, low and dirty.
It was also tough to reconnect to the carrier ship. They don't really use a fighter escort anymore so the concept was overcome by advancements in technology.

I like the Kraken idea - and steal the idea for recovery from the original US Navy Dirigibles. Prop driven Goblin? LOL - amost like the original spec's for the xB-36 (Peacemaker)

I'm gonna whip something up - what are the rules? Launch AND land? errrr......link?

What I'm really thinking is a fulls size guinea pig with a small UMX mounted on top for takeoff, and the Goblin retrieval system for recovery. I suck getting the flying wings to fly right, so....stick within a comfort zone?


Slow, low and dirty.
Sorta off topic. But I woke up this morning thinking I could use the guts from my Champ to build a torpedo. I'm thinking the elevator servo could release from the aircraft and just use rudder and motor. Waterproofing will be interesting, but I think it's doable. Now I just need a plane that dropped torpedoes to launch it from.