Perfect weather is now guaranteed for FF2015 - Tent maintenance is complete


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Last weather update as I leave to FF in the morning. Friday and most of Saturday look to be great! Setting up camp on Wednesday may be miserable but hey who cares about a little precipitation, I will be at Flite Fest 2015!

As of 7/7
malvern weather forecast  7_7_15.JPG


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Nice thing about northern Ohio weather, if you don't like it wait a few hours and it will usually be totally different :D

I've been watching the reports all week but don't know why I bother as they keep changing so quick. Looking more and more like Friday will be gorgeous and there may be some scattered storms the rest of the days. Rain or shine I'm sure we'll find ways to have fun!


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Look on the bright side. Someone will invent the follow me umbrella and become rich.


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Yes it looks like there might be some serious DTFB paper delamination at FF15! I had some paper bubble up on my Versa wing last year just from landing it when there was still some dew on the ground...but if people go out there just after a good rain shower and land in soaking wet grass...:(


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Just checked Wundermap. There are areal flood alerts in Ohio today but they end just north of Malvern. Fingers crossed for you guys who arrived early, looks like the majority of the rain will just miss you.

... Flood Watch remains in effect until 5 PM EDT this afternoon...

The Flood Watch continues for

* portions of Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania... including the
following areas... in Ohio... Ashtabula inland... Ashtabula
Lakeshore... Cuyahoga... Geauga... Holmes... Lake... Lorain...
Mahoning... Medina... Portage... Stark... Summit... Trumbull and
Wayne. In northwest Pennsylvania... Crawford PA... northern Erie
and southern Erie.

* Until 5 PM EDT this afternoon

* moderate to heavy rain is expected today. The ground is already
saturated so the expected 1 to 2 inches of additional rainfall
may cause some flooding to occur.

* Impacts will be flooding of low-lying areas and small streams
that may affect property and driving. Ponding of water is also
possible on roadways in poor drainage areas.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Flood Watch means there is a potential for flooding based on
current forecasts. You should monitor later forecasts and be
alert for possible flood warnings. Those living in areas prone to
flooding should be prepared to take action should flooding
develop. Stay tuned to weather radio for further details or



Miss us? Yeah... that didn't happen. Currently holed up in my tent, waiting for the rain to pass. Had a short burst of 15, maybe 20 minutes, then the sun came out and we all thought we were out of the woods.

Then it started again, and has been going for another 15-20 minutes.

We will persevere... the forecast for tomorrow is looking very good.

It's going to be a great weekend!


Herk1's prediction was right... there was a lot of delamination!

But we didn't let the poor weather dampen our spirits.

My prediction was also correct. It was a GREAT weekend!