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Phoenix 2000

Well no video as of late. She has been suffering from a balance problem. I took her out yesterday and am checking to see if the CG is correct. My original was Spot on but for some strange reason this particular one seems to fly very tail heavy. Orientation for me has been a problem as well. Not sure if it my eyes but lately I have not been able t focus on it well enough to tell if it is going in the direction I think it should be. However all in all its getting better and I am going to put a minicam on her soon. At the momnet though I am still working out the bugs.
Flew the PHX2K today.and she flew rather well. I do have some orientation problems with her due to her slim build and my lousy eyes but I think she is ready for me to put an 808 cam on her and see what kinda views we can get. I just not sure whe I wish to mount it. I need some practice getting her into thermals and staying in them. Seemed alot easier with the former model but who knows. I think I will continue to enjoy this model. One of the things I like about this plane is the whistling she does when she flies on by sounds pretty cool.
Just another video of yesterdays flying. The wind was 10-15 perfect for sailplanes her in Wyoming but staying in the thermal can be quite the challenge to be sure. So we decided just to glide downdwind to see if we could push the envelope a bit. The video is long and the songs that are with it just happened to be on the radio while I was flying so it made 13 mins seem very fast. The phx2k really enjoys 3s 2200mah and balances well with no nose wieght after trting 1800mah which are signaficantly lighter the plane wanted to fly me which as we all know is bad mojo :black_eyed: Anywho enjoy yea its long but it is becoming a fun and durable plane. CRAP just jinxed it :p



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Fish, I felt your pain on P2K #1. Glad it's goin good on #2. I'm waitin to pull the trigger on this one till I've got some things sorted out on her. Don't know which version you have: the RTF or ARF version? RTF versions are famous for havin junk transmitters & rec'vs. and either version comes w/ the same esc & servos which can also be junk and cause headaches. Take it (my look on this plane) for what it's worth Fish - I would seriously not discount a bum esc OR rec'vr. OR a servo(s) OR transmitter OR all 3!

"she began to turn right and fly in circles with no response to left." (Possibly a sticking servo -maybe, maybe not). "I tried to give it some rudder but no response." (Could be due to a rec'vr blackout or a bad esc). Yeah, these crashes could be due to stalls but when you say "I tried to give it some rudder but no response" could be due to a bad esc, rec'vr, servo or transmitter.

Also, you don't mention any probs w/ engine mount melting??? This has been a major prob/issue & posted all throughout rcgroups thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1338888&pp=100. Folks have gone to great lengths to perform mods to the motor mount to get away from the stock plastic motor mount.

Ck out my posts http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1338888&pp=100&page=23 #2284 & 2285 regarding PK2 motor mount updates. Could you ck 1 thing for me please? Let me know if your motor set up has a metal washer in front of a wood washer just behind the prop spinner? It's very easy to see. If so then it's my guess this is why you've not experienced a melted motor mount. From what I've been able to piece together is Lanyu (the co. that distributes the PK2 & Phoenix Evolution 2.6m) has made an ongoing manufacturing change to the motor mount set up as noted in the vid in post #2284 and has corrected the melting motor mounts.

Just my 2 cents. I just feel your pain bro and want you to avoid havin to get discouraged and throw the towel in for good on this plane which I think is excellent for slope soarin once you get a few things sorted out. Hey, some folks have gone by the old sayin "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" and some have listened to problems other folks have had & changed out a couple of components before hittin the flight line.

Best of flyin Fish.
Thanks NorCal,
I will definitly keep all you said under advisement. I do think the manufacturer has solved the motor melting problem. Both P2Ks had a metal washer. The clevis are cheap though and I recommend replacing them with better or at a minimum putting those tiny rubber bands in place to keep them from opening up while in flight. I also put some black stripes on the bottom of the wing, used from for Super Cub stickers I had laying around, That has helped tremndously with orientation. The ESC is definitly a 30 amp after checking with wattmeter and it can be argued whether it is a good one or not. I recycled the ESC from P2K #1 into another model and have yet to have any problems with it either, could be that the manufacturer has put a better quality one in their model, however I do doubt that. I do intend on replacing the ESC soon just because it seems to be a common problem and better safe than sorry. As far as servos go they seem to be the same 9g hobby king servos you can purchase. I also use the same 9g servo in the flaps they seem to work well and I have not had any problems with them either. KNOCK ON WOOD
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Fish, do have the RFT or ARF? Where did you purchase them? If Hobby King, did you source them from U.S.A or International warehouse. Thanks


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Fish, do have the RFT or ARF? Where did you purchase them? If Hobby King, did you source them from U.S.A or International warehouse. Thanks
Fish, do have the RFT or ARF? Where did you purchase them? If Hobby King, did you source them from U.S.A or International warehouse. Thanks
I bought the ARF version all I needed was Rx and servos for the flaps. I purchased it from US warehouse and I use th HK orange Rx as well
Breathing life into an old thread. Just ordered one from the US warehouse. I'll follow all the suggestions above and also install the flaps. I'll let you guys know how it goes.