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Phoenix RC updates

Hello everyone,
I'm new to the forum but have quite a few years flying fixed wing. I recently downloaded the ft gueina .mod for Phoenix RC and I've noticed some issues getting the model to appear. I've tried every method I've found here and at rcmodeler but I keep landing at the same problem. When I open the updater to access my Test aircraft, the updater fails with a server error (I know it's offline now). But I never get an option to view my local updates. I didn't have this problem until they went offline so my question is, is there a cfg file that can be edited or a patch available that will bypass or proxy the server address to get past this stopping point? I also can't turn auto check for updates off now due to the same failure. I can see the checkbox but I can't edit it and the update failure takes me back to th main screen. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Build # 5.5.g
I knew as soon as I posted I'd figure it out. Turns out the models that uploaded had to be run in 5.5l. Took quite a bit of digging but finally found the patches. Hope this helps if anyone's having similar issues.