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Phoenix + turnigy

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
I have the turnigy 9x tx and I have the phoenix software can any one tell me if I can combine these I know
you need an interface cable for the transmitters but I cant recall seeing one for the 9x all help appreciated
thx in advance


How many letters do we ge

Tx list here:

• All JR MC/MX (no adaptor required) - ** MC-series requires "DSC Interface" Accessory **

• Spektrum DX6 / DX6i / DX7 / DX8 / DSX9 / DSX10 (no adaptor required) - ** NOT new DX7 Special Edition "SE" version **

• Spektrum DX5e older-style with SIDE training port ("DX5e adaptor" required)

• Spektrum DX5e new-style with REAR training port (no adaptor required)

• All Futaba ("Futaba/Hitec round" or "Futaba square" adaptor required)

• Futaba FX-18 with 2.5mm stereo training port ("Futaba FX-18" adaptor required)

• Hitec Aurora (no adaptor required)

• All Hitec except "Aurora" ("Futaba/Hitec adaptor" required - "Aurora" requires no adaptor)

• All Multiplex ("Multiplex" adaptor required)

• All Sanwa RD and RDS series ("Sanwa adaptor" required)

• E-sky ETB41 2.4 ghz (no adaptor required)

• Other E-sky ("Mini-DIN adaptor" required)

• Co-Pilot ("Mini-DIN adaptor" required)

• Blade CX, CX-2, CX-3, CP, CP+, CP Pro, CP Pro 2 and Blade SR (no adaptor required)

• Parkzone Transmitters with training jack ("DX5e adaptor" required)

• Art-tech 100B (no adaptor required)

• Art-tech 100C ("Art-tech 100C adaptor" required)

• Walkera 2401, 2601 (Using "MINI-DIN adaptor" supplied with transmitter)

• Walkera 2402, 2602 ("Walkera 2801 adaptor" required)

• Walkera 2801 ("Walkera 2801 adaptor" required)


Old age member
Dont give up!

Why do you think that T9X is not compatible when most other TX are.
The list can not be 100% updated on all brands.
The trainer port is used to the sim.
There is a trainer port on the T9x.

By looking in the manual it looks like the same connector as Spektrum / JR.


Senior Member
I assume it's possible, no doubt the turning trainer port will match one of the other supported models. Drop Pheonix a email. It's a great sim..