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Pimp your car - show your hobby


Yes car - not plain, not heli but car!

So what if you have a grey car, what if it's a boring station wagon (it has to be.. how else to transport 700/600 sized helis)?

Spice it up a little, for example like this:

Step 1 - find a suitable vector graphic, or create one on your own.

(Found the TDR one, made the Voodoo one)

Step 2 - find someone with a plotter/cutter (found a guy in Germany: http://www.spohrs.net)

Step 3 - choose a color

Step 4 - place the stickers

Step 5 - enjoy

Have a look:



This is the way the sticker come - on transfer foil:

You can even put them on the heli:



Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I like it! I have a friend who owns a sign shop and can cut vinyl for me. He's made up some Flite Test stickers that I've given out before.


Rotor Riot!
Oh, crap... now I need a car... I did pimp my computer, though!

And my guitar:

And my transmitter:

And here are some of my Turnigy stickers: