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PJS 550 and 1000 motor equivalent

I can find only very little information on these motors including this from RC Groups and this from RCModelScout. If anyone has any experience with these, would like to know which flite test airplanes I can use these on. Also, which esc/prop setup is required? I can post pictures if you need them.
Ah ha!
I see now that it says male akrobaty do 500g, which as we all know, means small acrobats up to 500g:sneaky:(thanks google translate). The mini mustang is 222g AUW. The simple cub is 489g AUW, making the 550 a B sized motor, if Im not mistaken.
I thought I had everything set for a new power pod today. Alas, I found out very late that I lost the screws for the motor mount. Is there any way to figure out what screw size could replace them, or maybe an alternative way to mount without screws?
Problem solved! I was looking at the motor mount threads to see what they looked like, then I noticed that There are no threads on this mount! Hmm.. I thought, I can just use any screw that fits through the hole. :unsure:So I did and was able to attach it to the firewall. It's snug. Next time instead of running straight to the forum, I will try to find an easier solution.
Thanks for your help.