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looking to get into this side of the hobby but cant find a plan i like so if there is anyone with one they are willing to sell or give away please let me know thanks :)


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Agree totally with rcjim.
Asking for something without telling what you like or not like?
Assume that you are asking for an IC model but..
Size - from 1/2A (1cc) to big 50 cc - number of engines...
Type - Oldtimer, trainer, scale, aerobatic, 3D ....
There are 10s of 1000s of plans on the net - free to download or for sale.
SPAD has been diskussed with links not long ago.


CrossThread Industries
outerzone.co.uk - website for over 6000 plans online (as of late Oct 2014)

Guy was telling me about a site, outzone or something like that. 3815 plans for everything RC/CL and FF. If I could remember the exact name of the place. Maybe it was outerzone, yes http://www.outerzone.co.uk/

The site is in the UK run by a gent known as SteveWMD - he passed 6,000 plans a few days ago. The search ability is very good, and I am learning an enormous appreciation and admiration for the standout designers and manufacturers that built this hobby.

My major pastime has been leafing through the plans on that site every eve after dinner. I think the earliest plans are from 1910 to 1912 time period - over a century old.



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I second outerzone. Thats where I get all my plans for planes that I turn around and convert to DTFB. Lots of great planes on there!