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Please explain mixing ailerons with elevator and rudder to me

Ak Flyer

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I have been reading a bit about mixing the ailerons with rudder and elevator for different reasons on 3D planes. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Why do you want these mixed? How does it benefit?


Rotor Riot!
From here: http://www.geistware.com/rcmodeling/articles/radio_terms.htm

Aileron/rudder mix - Coordinated Turn - On power planes and on sailplanes,
it is normal to add rudder to aileron input. This is called a coordinated
turn and is common to do manually on non-computer radios, but computer
radios can be set up to do this automatically. This results in a smoother,
more efficient turn.
Ailevator - on aerobatic or pattern planes they will split the elevator so
that two servos operate each half. Normally they move together to create
the normal elevator motion. However when you enable the ailervator mix, the
elevator halves will move with input from the ailerons causing the plane to
roll much more quickly. This requires the two elevator servos to be
controlled from separate channels on the radio. Typically this requires a 7
or 8 channel radio.


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You will have Coordinat turn on a CUB as Andre says. You are asking for mixing on a 3D with totally neutral characteristic.
I would mix flap to elevator (reversed) to get sharper movements for square loops.
The rudder on a 3D should not give any aileron effect.

You can mix everything for snap roll on a switch
You can select low rates for fast flying on a switch