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Post your Gremlins!


Pants Wearer
Hey didn't see a thread like this already, but i thought it might be fun!
Just post some pics or describe it, or both, detail any changes you made from the basic build.


So i decided to just E-Tape the ESCs on because i don't have a heat gun. I decided rather than soldering the VTX right to the board, i took a 1s connector from a bad E-Flight battery and solder that, that way if i'm flying near anyone else using FPV i can swap out a 200MW for a spektrum 11mw.

at the moment i only have 1 switch rigged to arm the quad, id like to set up another for horizon mode, but its been a while since i have messed with the DX6i and finding a switch setting as been a bit of a challenge.

this thread might just die after this post, but i think it would be cool to see what the community has done. :cool: