Power for EZ planes


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I did not see a group/section devoted specifically to the EZ planes, so I thought I’d post this here, since I design my own planes…

Been having fun with the EZ 2 channel setup on my small (14-17 inch wingspan, max AUW 55g) planes. I was curious about what kind of thrust the EZ motor system was giving, so I made a simple (very crude) thrust stand. The stock EZ twin 716 motors with 2” props produce about 35g of thrust total with the 1S standard battery. And according to some motor specs I found online, these motors have between 1.5 - 4 watts of power, depending on manufacturer. So it makes sense that 55-60g is the upper limit of weight that these motors can fly effectively, since gentle flying planes need a thrust:weight ratio of about .5 to .6.

I wanted to build slightly larger/heavier planes (18-20” wingspan and 75-90g weight). So I bought a couple of larger 8520 coreless motors. Each of these came with a gearbox, and a 5” prop. I also purchased several 3” props to fit the 8520 shafts, thinking I would check the motors as direct drive. According to their specs, they can produce 5.5 watts of power.

Heres what I found:

A single 8520 motor on direct drive with the 3” props with a 1s battery produces about 15g of thrust, so a twin setup like this would only be about 30g. This is less than the stock EZ motor system, so I won’t be using them this way.

But with the gearbox system and the 5” props, each 8520 motor produces about 30g, meaning that a twin setup like this would give 60g of thrust; nice!

Everything else stays the same: same FT 2 channel receiver/controller, same 1s battery (although I changed out the stock FT battery for one with a larger Mah capacity); the 8520 motors even come with the same type/size connector as the FT originals, so no mods necessary there.

I already have several DTFB planes of the larger size built, and I’ll be setting one up with this upgraded system in the next few days.

Edit: I just finished installing the upgraded system on the larger plane, and testing it on the thrust stand…62g of thrust with a 1s battery: excellent! The plane’s bare frame weighed 30g, but the AUW is about 85g (mostly because of the increased weight of the motors/gearboxes/props/wiring compared to the stock FT motor system). I had to add wire length, since I needed to increase the distance between the motors to account for the greater wingspan, and get the proper differential steering.

There are also 1020 coreless motors, which are even more powerful (but still tiny, and still run on a 1s battery) and I’d like to experiment with those as well. Their specs show that they can produce 13 watts of power! Unfortunately, I’ve only found those that come with bare wires (no connectors attached). Since I can’t solder because of my vision problem, I wouldn’t be able to connect those to the FT receiver to experiment. If I can find some with the proper connectors attached, I think they would work for even larger/heavier planes.

Has anyone else experimented with different coreless motors (not brushless) on the EZ system?


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I haven't tried using other motors but have been interested in experimenting with it in future, so now might do that!
Keep us updated on how you progress :)