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Preferred charger with power supply


Rotor Riot!
I bought this one - I've used it for some 1S batteries and for a 2200mAh 3S. Works fine so far, a bit noisy fan but rest works very well.


- Comes with European plug (not a con if you're in Europe)
- Comes with Deans (red T style) connectors and not yellow XT-60's


- Can use direct 12v supply or 110V - 220V AC
- Backlit screen
- Lots of connectors
- Charges all kinds of batteries: LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, NiCd, NiMh, Pb
- Balances as it charges


I am using a GT Power 606-D it is dual power and can charge several types of batteries, but is limited to 6 amp output but I didnt have use for a bigger one at the time I bought it. I decided that I needed a second charger so I just ordered another one off of E-Bay from a seller in New York, going by the name Dirtcheaprc, for around $60 shipped, he shows one left right now. The only trouble I have had out of mine is that the fan is starting to have some noise issues, other than that it has served me well. It does balance charging and has a provision for a temp sensor but does not include one.