Printing PDFs another way


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Many of the plans provided come in large sizes, suitable to print on large print machines like Fedex Office, Staples, wherever. Many have pointed out that if you select "poster" as an option, you will get a series of pages that you can tape together and you're ready to go.
What if you only want that one piece that came off of one of the many pages and you don't want to print out the entire plane for just a single piece.
Try This
Select poster, just as if you want to print the entire plan out, but change your printer to print to pdf. You will end up with the entire plane printed on individual sheets in a pdf. The "one" you wanted might be there, or you may have to print a piece or two the get what you want. Much better that printing the entire file out just for a rudder.

As an example, I took J. Potosky's excellent conversion of the Polaris to DFFB. His original design is attached as well as a file 'polaris2". Might help and if not, you didn't waste any paper or ink.


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Easier way: Edit>Take a Snapshot, mark the part you want to print then go File>Print>Custom Scale:100%. Then print.
If the part will fit on one page it will only print one page otherwise it will print on multiple pages.
This works best on the Full Size .PDF plans.