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Prop Saver for MT1806?

My 9 yo and I break a lot of props. And a prop saver is nice, I think it helps save quite a
Few. Looking at the 1806 for our Tiny Trainer and it doesn't look at though a prop saver is used
Or included. Can someone speak to this or a modification that will allow prop saver to be used? I went cheap and bought some Turnight motors. I guess I got what I paid for...broken wires to the windings.


Flite is good
Most of that type of motor have a 5mm threaded shaft. I am not aware of any prop savers that are available to fit those motors.

On the upside, you can try these props. http://www.dalprops.com/collections/5-two-blades/products/5045. They produce less thrust than the 6x3 props, but they produce more than enough to fly the FT Tiny Trainer.

Since these are sold as quadcopter sets, you will get two clock wise and two counter clock wise props. So you will have to pay attention to which props you are using. If you built the pod with the right thrust angle, you will use the two counter clock wise props. Just save the two clock wise props for later. At some point in this hobby you will find a use for them.

If you built the pod with the neutral thrust angle, you can use either direction prop by swapping around two of the motor wires to change rotation direction. This will may require trim adjustments when you change motor rotation.

In the end, breaking props is part of the hobby. Something else to consider is a landing gear mod. This might save a few props. If you are wanting to stick with belly landings, consider setting an ESC brake. This video can help with that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYHJgg_vvSQ.

Good luck with it all. Keep us posted as to how it works out. Let us know if you have anymore questions.
Would it be a help to just buy a more std 22mm motor? Maybe the small motor is just hard to find parts for. like whats the shaft 1/8 or 3.178mm ? Odd huh? Some co make stuff that's hard to get parts for. My friend in home improvement found out not to buy paint guns or nail guns from harbor freight, always have odd parts you cannot get except from those companies

Altitude Hobbies 2217 for $20 or Cobra 2217 for $30 from innov8tive.designs may be able to find more prop adapters n stuff, they both come with 4mm shafts

IF you still like smaller motors check altitude and innov8tive see the extra adapters you can get with the Cobra motors

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HK sell prop savers that you fix to the motor shaft using 2 hex head screws. But if you are going to need a new motor anyway I would suggest that you look at the 2205c 1400Kv. I use many of them.

Using a 3S battery they can deliver 121Watts and draw about 12A max. For max power the motor can swing a 9x5 prop though I find that 6x5 of 7x6 work very well for most applications. The motor has a built in prop saver and a short 3mm shaft that protrudes beyong the prop saver which I often use for a prop adapter or even a spinner.

Just what I use!

Have fun!


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I've crashed and landed my baby bugatti plenty of times and my APC 6x4 is still fine, so I'd recommend that, but if you're getting a new motor you may as well find one that can take a prop saver.


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I've drilled out 3mm shaft prop savers to 5mm and mounted them on 1806 motors. Let the tip of the 5mm shaft stick out of the end of the prop saver to center the propeller. Works great if you don't mind the prop saver screws biting into the threads of the prop shaft. You might be able to fix the threads later but do it motors you only intend to use with the prop saver.