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Quadcopter Build and Maiden (Hobby King's)

I would like to see something more for the Beginner in QuadCopters.... I would like to see a complete build of the HobbyKing Quadcopter Frame V1 covering the complete build, maiden flight (by Josh Scott???) with an on board camera in HD (not necessarily FPV, but FPV would be nice).

This would show us more of what is involved in the build and at the same time support one of Flitetest's main sponsors Hobby King. David would be a good person for Technical backup on this as well. Don't make it fancy, just make it like a normal person would fly it, assuming you can find one of us that is normal :)



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
So some kind of filmed version of Davids "Pictorial" :D Would be definitely worth watching because the multicopters are getting more and more popular!

Also showing all the parts needed etc. would certainly make a whole lot easier for many people rather then reading through Davids page, even though there are a lot of pics.


Junior Member
this could be so interesting!

and maybe showing how to create some parts to optimize.... like power distribution board or other tweaks!


Never catch a multirotor
I like the idea John !
Maybe Chad can setup something like this :
Part 1: (HobbyKing) Parts Required
Part 2: The Build
Part 3: The Tweaks
Part 4: The Flight
For sure MANY of us would realy appreciate this.
Specially when David would be the host ..
Chad ??
I would find an episode like this to be extremely interesting and helpful.
I haven't yet tried to build one specifically because I have haven't seen the process laid out in a way that I feel like I could dive in with the right parts and end up with a great new aircraft that would work well (and where the build process wouldn't stress me out beyond my limits). David's build page is good, but just hasn't given me enough confidence I guess.

I'm sure I could do it, but that motivation of "wow, that might be pretty easy" doesn't exist for me yet.


Never catch a multirotor

I see your point but am afraid that a 'pretty easy' build for quads and tri's doesn't exist.
David's V2.5 build is perfect when it comes to an 'easy build' with low-entry parts.
Great for getting the feeling building one from sctach.
And when you crash (you will) = simple and cheap repairs.

Or would you like to start with a quadcopter first ?
Many people are, I think because the build is more 'easy' then tricopters.
Both have dis- and advantages, we could discuss for hours.

I started with the HK V1 frame with all HK parts... learned a lot !
This was the maiden (read the text)

FliteTest would do a great job making such a short 'how too' quadcopter series.
When they do .. ask Anthony first to quickly stock up parts ;-)