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question about a brushless motor.


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This is just anecdotal/observation, but with the Delanne tandem wing configuration I get equal performance in a larger airframe as a smaller traditional configuration. A 2836? You could probably fly a 48" wingspan tandem with that, with a 36" to 48" long fuselage, 4" or 5" high and wide. Make the fuselage lifting as well. It would probably be 600g-750g airplane. With a good runway I bet you could lift a kilo...maybe more. Now that I think of it, maybe a lot more.

Funny, this is about what I'm making right now, though I'll be using two 2212 930Kv motors (I have 8 of these sitting in a box. They didn't work out for that quad build.) with 8x6x3 props and a 3S 3600maH battery. My fuselage is a little bigger than a Mini Guinea. If it flies, I'll see how much it can lift.

Of course, Nials posted this in February, so I suspect the project is over.
Exactly what i thought, after what i remembered learened about the DeLannes tandemwings.